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Key Stage 1 Presentation for Parents

Key Stage 1

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Welcome to Key Stage 1

If you were unable to attend our recent information session, this page will provide all the information that was covered in the presentation. If you have further questions always feel free to speak to your class teacher.

The National Curriculum

In Key Stage 1, teachers are required to deliver the National Curriculum. This consists of:

You may be aware that a New National Curriculum was introduced by the Government in 2014.

This curriculum has higher expectations of achievement. For instance:

However, the curriculum content is actually slimmer and this allows us to plan learning opportunities to support our children (see Explore Learning below).

Samuel White's Ethos

At Samuel White’s, we plan our learning to support the development of a number of key life skills that we believe will set children up to be learners for life and ensure their continued success.

In particular, we aim to build:

This ethos applies to both Foundation Stage and Key Stage one. Across the school we use topic based learning and stories to engage children and immerse them in their learning.

Ofsted feedback was particularly pleasing to read...we were especially happy with these lovely quotes from our recent report:

Reception Year Photo

Explore Learning

In the afternoon, teachers ‘input’ on the required Curriculum objectives and following this whole class teaching, children engage in ‘Explore Learning’.

In this time, children can choose their own learning paths and decide what they want to produce to show their learning.

This follows a reception style of learning and therefore helps with transition to the National Curriculum, but also continues to ensure our children are independent thinkers who want to solve problems and can make their own decisions confidently.

It allows children time to ‘Master’ elements of the New Curriculum – giving them opportunities to practice and embed key Literacy and Numeracy skills that are taught in the morning sessions.

A typical Explore session may see children engaging in:

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