Samuel White's Infant School

School Topics

Want to know what we'll be learning about this year? View our topic maps here by clicking on the icon:

Down in the Woods

Year R, Term 1

Conkers and Candlelight

Year R, Term 2


Year R, Term 3

Pets and Farms

Year R, Term 4


Year R, Term 5


Year R, Term 6

For Years 1 and 2 we follow the National Curriculum and in our school it looks like this...

All About Me

Year 1, Term 1

Cold Outside

Year 1, Term 2


Year 1, Term 3-4

Fire Of London

Year 1, Term 5


Year 2, Term 1

In a Faraway Land

Year 2, Term 2


Year 2, Term 3-4


Year 2, Term 5

Food Glorious Food

Whole School, Term 6

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