Samuel White's Infant School

School Prospectus

We hope that you find the prospectus useful. It aims to provide relevant information about our school and the way we work. We are proud of our school and have tried to convey this in the pages that follow but obviously we have not been able to tell you everything about our School. Therefore, if you would like to find out more please telephone or arrange a time to visit.

School Brochure 2017

It will be a pleasure to show you around and to answer your questions or to discuss aspects of your child's learning and development.

Starting school or joining a new school is a very important experience for both your child and you as a family. We believe that in these early years of a child's education the foundations for lifelong learning are encouraged and developed. We look upon the education of your child as a joint venture sharing their excitement and successes in learning.

Our hope is that all children who attend Samuel White's Infant School will look back on the experience in a positive and happy way.

Click here or click the image to download our prospectus:

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