Samuel White's Infant School

School Dinners

Dinner Options

There are three lunch options for children:

1. To have a School Dinner cooked on site

2. To bring a Packed Lunch to eat at school

3. To go Home for Lunch

Meals at School

School dinners for all infant aged children are free and are cooked in the HAJ kitchen by Mrs Terry and her team.

The latest school menus are available at the bottom of this page

We also offer a packed lunch option to pupils, this will include a cheese sandwich on brown bread with salad and a choice of any pudding available on the day.

All children will be able to choose their menu option from pictures on the classroom white board.

Parents will also be able to log into their School Money account and pre-book their child’s lunch up to midnight the night before. Please ignore any requests for payments as all children in our school receive their lunch free of charge.

Please refer to the School Money Parent User Guide for further help.

The children will then choose their vegetables or salad and their pudding themselves.

Pupils in Y1 and Y2 will be given a colour band to wear when they go out to lunch, that they will then hand into to the lunch time staff to get their meal. This should hopefully help some children remember their choice.

Pupils in Reception are taken into lunch by their class teacher who has the list of meal choices with them.

The bands relate to 1 of four options:

Red: Main Meal option

Green: Vegetarian option

Yellow: Jacket Potato

Blue: Cheese Sandwich on Brown Bread

Guidelines for Packed Lunches

We are encouraging the children to bring healthy packed lunches into school. When you are making your child’s packed lunch please can you try to include:

o A good portion of starchy food : bread, pitta bread, rice or pasta (wholemeal where you can) including a good source of protein: meat, eggs, fish, beans or pulses

o Plenty of fruit or vegetables: an apple (cut up so it’s easier to eat), a banana, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot sticks or a box of raisins etc.

o Some dairy food: a portion of cheese (if it’s Babybel, please remove the wax as it damages the hall floor), or a yoghurt (these could be frozen at home, then at lunchtime they are still cold)

o One treat: a flapjack, a piece of carrot cake, or a biscuit etc.

Drinks: your child may bring a cup which we can fill with water, or they may bring in 100% fruit juice.

Nuts: Please do not include any food containing nuts in your child’s packed lunch

Crisps: Please support us in encouraging you child to eat healthily by only including crisps on a Friday

Our Lunchbreak Supervisors encourage your child to eat their lunch in this order, please help us by including food from each of the five food groups to ensure your child is ready to learn in the afternoon!

Thank you very much for your help.

Morning Break

Fruit is provided free of charge at break time for all infant aged children


It is important that children drink plenty of water. This has an impact on their health and their readiness to learn. Please send your child to school with a named re-sealable bottle suitable for water. Please note that no other drinks are acceptable in the classroom. A pure fruit juice with a packed lunch is acceptable but… NO sugar based or fizzy drinks are allowed.