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Year R Hedgehog Class

Hello from YR Hedgehogs!

Please check through the year for examples of our activities.

Term 6

Term 6 has been very hot and very busy! Our caterpillars turned into butterflies and we released them together! In Jigsaw we talked about parts of the body, how we change, what is the same and what is different. We’ve sorted numbers in maths and learned about capacity. We were told a new story called Handa’s Surprise. We have talked about Africa and explored how it is different to England.

Term 5

Term 5 has gone past so quickly. We started with a trip to Court Farm to see the animals and Farmer Ed. We have retold the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ as a whole class, made our own bread and tasted it – it was delicious! We’ve had a disco, played ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’, made jam sandwiches and cut them in quarters to share with our friends. We have planted sunflower seeds which we will take home, did some maths in pairs and balanced ladybirds on our heads!

Term 4

Term 4 has been a short, but busy! We have had a ‘Bubble Show’, some vets taught us about looking after our pets, we built some pet homes and obstacle courses and of course we have LOVED going to Forest School!

Term 3

We have had a busy term in Year R Hedgehog Class! We have been learning about: Chinese New Year, Bike Ability, Jigsaw, Forest School, the Post Office, Learnpads, ICT, PE, Maths and Cooking! Wow!

Term 2

Term 1

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